Grimlock Transformers Animated Voyager Class Toy

Finally we are down to the last Dinobot review from the Transformers Animated series. Saving the Best for the last is Grimlock.

Dino Mode
With T-Rex Vicious looking design, what can go wrong?

T-Rex only weapon is his bite. So in Dino mode, Grimlock comes with a biting action. I really like the head design for Grimlock.

Transformation was pretty easy. With a few simple steps, you get into the Robot mode in no time.

Robot Mode

With his board shoulders, big arms(was the leg actually), Wide Chest and V shape, he look fierce-some.

I can appreciate the square Jaw and the shady eyes.

But what I really love is the hand and fingers articulation for this figure.

They gave Grimlock a flaming Sword as his weapon. They finally bother to paint the sword unlike Snarl's club. Maybe for Voyager class, the cost covers for better painting unlike Deluxe Class Snarl's club ya?

That is not all, the sword actually come have more fire effect when Grimlock holds it in his hand. Ban Kai mode!

MOTU?? But he sure look good with the sword.

Doing a Ichigo from Bleach pose?

To round up all 3 Dinobots, let's gather them together.

Starting as Dino mode.

Grimlock just looked superb for the Voyager class. T-Rex are always dinosaurs leader.

Me like this Picture, BEST! Rush for action.

I just couldn't resist the temptation to do this shot. :P

In Robot mode, Grimlock still stand a head higher above the rest. Poor Snarl still the shortest one.

In the animation, Only Grimlock was given lines to speak. Why?

Is that the reason? Only the producer can answer that question. Anyway with their weapons, they do look dangerous.

You really don't want to mess around with them...

Because of their primitives ways of going by their feelings and not much of reasoning, they are not some Autobot that you want to mix around with.

That how I feel about them... Gangsters but they are really a bunch of cool Autobots. Way too cool for some autobot to hang out with.

Think of it this way, you rather want them to be Autobots than a Decepticon right? You know the "keep you friends close, keep your enemy closer" saying? I'm glad I collected all three of them and they do look great together.

Since we are talking about Grimlock, Hasbros is releasing a re-paint of Grimlock named Golfire Grimlock.

It is painted in Gold. Go get it if you want it.

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Borneo Falcon said…
Cool Grimlock. What a shame there is no rifle that comes with it, as in the G1
Dora said…
Thinking about it...U must have a super huge collection of toys...;)
Unknown said…
Look a bit complicated to me la hehehhe..
Angie R said…
I can only visit your site when my son is at kindergarten. Too dangerous. He may want to spend all his ang pau money to buy all the toys you've mentioned here..
:-) Angie
Angie R said…
I can only visit your site when my son is at kindergarten. Too dangerous. He may want to spend all his ang pau money to buy all the toys you've mentioned here..
:-) Angie
KazeTora said…
Grimlock looks vicious, man. And you're correct, you can never go wrong with the whole gang. Nice review, L.

Btw, the Golfire Grimlock will look really good if you pair it with the Samurai Prowl, don't you think?
Go go transformers dinobot
Jcee said…
I love the dinobots! Just wondering for Grimlock, is his weapon integrated into his dinosaur mode? Or is it separate?
Grimlock's weapon is very unique looking. DINOBOT, transform & crawl out!
LEon said…
@Borneo Falcon
Ya they gave a sword instead. :)

Not actually. They are many who have more toys than me. :)

You mean the transformation is complicated? A few try you will get the hang of it. :D

@Angie R
I feel so bad...:P Thanks for your support! :D
LEon said…
Thx bro. Maybe you are right but I think I may get samurai Prowl as I have a budget constrant. :D

That "Go go transformers dinobot" sound like Power ranger song leh.

No. His weapon do not integrated into his dinosaur mode.

@Dennis aka Katsuden
Yes, Grimlock's weapon is one of the best. :)
KazeTora said…
Btw, dude, I saw samurai prowl on CSC... wanted to get it, but the guy display it next to ratchet. The minute I saw the comparison, it's like a sudden turn-off for me. Dunno, man..
LEon said…
KazeTora I can understand that. It must be the scaling issue right?
Shaun said…
Grimlock's one of the coolest animated transformer designs, IMHO.
LEon said…
Yes it is.

@Dash Macbastard
Me love Grimlock too! XD

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