Swoop Transformers Animated Deluxe Class Toy

It had been sometime since I review Transformers Animated toy. So over the weekend spend sometime to review another Autobot Dinobot, Swoop. It is quite a popular one for a Deluxe class and it's not surprising as I really like his bird design. Okay cut the talk short, on with the review.

Meet Swoop, the first of Autobot/Dinobot who can fly in animated series. Swoop is a Pteranodon and with his wings which can flap, it is one terrific toy for playing.

The mouth can be open and close too.

In flight mode, it look magnificent and graceful. Everything looked very much streamline.

Although with an open mouth, Swoop like Snarl never get to speak a line in the animated series...

You know somehow the red hood remind me very much of Woody woodpeacker. :P


The Transformation is really simple. You can't get it wrong. Straighten the legs to a standing posture. At this pose, it look like secret Alt mode which I really fanny.

Next just simply bring down the head and there you have it.

Robot Mode
Swoop look good in this mode too. Slim and fit all around. The wings are gracefully folded at his back.

Swoop's face looks kind of Grim than cool to me. However since he never get to speak, that looks fit him well.

Every dinobot had a weapon, so does Swoop. The designer gave him a morning Star. It look better than Snarl's weapon.

Does it really look fitting to him who have a skinny body? Logically the thin hands does not looked so powerful... And you can only carry the weapon in robot mode.

So how flexible is Swoop as an action figure? Let's put Swoop to the test.
Take a bow Swoop and show us what you can do.

Do the Ultraman!

Do the Kamen Rider!

Do the Hulk Hogan pose! Yes flex those muscles of yours....*Rolleyes

Oh! He can also do the Baramut in Final Fantasy with fireball coming out of his mouth beak too! Awesome!

Isn't Swoop a cool toy? Swoop...What are you doing?

I guess that is why he is a non-talking Dinobot... Too Primitive...but strong in flight and fight.

In closing, this recent chinese proverb comes to mind.
有翅膀的不一定是天使, 也可能是鸟人.
Translation: A man with wings may not always be an angel, maybe is a Bird man (A man who only know how to talk but never get things done). :P

That kinda resonate something in life doesn't it? Hahaha

Have a great day!

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Anonymous said…
Cool! I love the way you came up with the various poses and did the comparisms!

I also have a Pteranodon, but it's from the 80's Dino Riders toy line :)
LEon said…
Thanks. :) oh the Dino Riders! I nearly forgot that cartoons. You have a picture of the toy?

Swoop said Hi. :D
Anonymous said…
Creative and funny presentation of your newly acquired transformer. Looks very interesting..Keep it up!!
Unknown said…
Wah..I cant say the robot was cute!! hehehehe..but its adorable..I hope my nephew didnt asked for it...hahhaaa

Anyway, I've link you..
LEon said…
Thank for linking me. C.Alv.B! :)
Anonymous said…
Hi LEon,

My Dino Riders live in a box that is packed in my cupboard. I should take them out for some fresh air and photo sessions, hmmm...

I think very few people know and collect Dino Riders in Singapore :)
Anonymous said…
Oops I made that last comment but forgot to include my big name, I'm not 'Anonymous' :P
LEon said…
Do take it out for a photo session Juliana. Dino Rider period was rather short and that is why not much people collect Dino Rider ba...
Unknown said…
I think that you have him transformed wrong.....
LEon said…
Really? in which way? I really want to know. Pls share. :)

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