The Joker with Crime Scene Evidence Mattel

For the beginning of the new year post, I will review The Joker with Crime Scene Evidence Toy figure from Mattel. I got this on the first day of the New year at a bargain price! :D It is a consolation to me since I could not afford the Bank Robber 12" version... :( Anyone want to donate that to me? :) Okay on with the Review.

The Packaging is good as it protect the figure really well. You can see the detail of the figure clearly.

As for card design, I find this part look good but it really doesn't served much propose unless you are a MISB collector.

Do you know they have holes for on both side of the card for the figure to breath? joke...Okay I don't really know why they do that but my best guess to keep the figure moist or dry?

Time to Open the Toy!

This Joker is really a bargain for the price you are paying. First it is 6" and it can stand rather well and do offer some decent articulation. Look good all around.

Since it is from the movie, the face likeness is really important. For this figure, the likeness of the late actor Heath Ledger is there as the Joker.

For the weapon, it just a tiny soft knife and that is about it...That a really disappointment...

Why would they give a Joker card? Do they expect the toy collector or kids to play with the card? Nevertheless the detail of the card is there.

How would you play with the card? By putting it in a textbook of your nemesis in your class?

The package also offer a zip lock plastic bag to further encourage the kids to play as Inspector Gordon..Wait it is Commissioner Gordon now to be correct...

You can sign your name there too. Is that fun or what? Do they throw in the DNA testing kits as well? No? Hm...

Okay back to the figure...

Somehow seeing this figure really put a smile on my face as I got it at a very good bargain. Want to give it guess on how much I got this? Hey why so serious? Hehehe


I got this when it was first released in Singapore thru Toys R Us! It was so difficult to get and I got the last one at Vivo. Now you can get it easily and at discounted price! Well...u win and lose some...I am glad that Mattel took care of the 6" market and Hot Toys took care of the 12" market for the TDK movie! A great movie deserves a great toy line.
LEon said…
Oh come on bro, you got both 12" and 6" Joker. I only could afford this figure... Anyway there are places that they actually selling loose too.
Jcee said…
This figure is still very hard to find here in Canada! I see some scalpers selling them for $40 CDN here. The TDK Batman is also a hard to find here. Only one that are clogging the store pegs is the Scarecrow.
LEon said…
Jcee, In SG big shopping centre, it quite hard to find this Joker as well. It just that the loose ones and some carded one is in season for now. The toy store owner only gave me this with discount to me...Maybe because I was the first customer of the day as it was first day of New year. :) If you want it, I can look for you as well. Let me know.
Unknown said…
Wah u all like toys ahh.. hehehehe..good
Jcee said…
Thanks Leon, but I am not that big of a Batman fan =O except for stuff like the vehicles in Batman haha
LEon said…
Yes we like toys as a hobby. :)

Im not a big fan of Batman too. I only like The Joker. :D
eastcoastlife said…
Very cool Joker! It must cost quite a bit.... but cannot be S$100, right?
LEon said…
Not at all. This toy is for kids actually so it won't cost so much but still the retail selling this figure at $39.00 but I got it off at a bargain of $20. :) Okay the cat is out of the bag. Hehehe
cosmicbaby said…
Nice grab at $20! what were they thinkin when pricing tis figure at above $35!?!
LEon said…
Yes the price of $39.90 at the retail and that was the factor that make me hesitate to get it.

As I mention before I was there at a local toy shop on the new year day early afternoon, the shop owner was kind to give me that bargain. My best guess was I was the New year first Customer that is why I got that special bargain. :)

To be honest, I felt HOT toy ones are a bit over price too. Then again most of the toys are... :(
The pain...knowing you got it at $20...the pain...the pain...:P

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