Replacement Spidey

Since I did a review of my classic Spider-man, I did a short take with some of my Spider-man collections. Don't be too serious ya?

Oops... So I guess you guys know who will be on my next review list ya? :P


Joshua said…
loved this whole short comic / photoshoots....awesome end by the way...was real funny...KEEP IT UP!!

Await ur next review!
KazeTora said…
Now dude, that's a laugh for sunday night. Hahahaha...

Just an info, spidey have a series called Back In Black. Where he don the black costume once more to save his Aunt May. But I didn't read the comic book... I'm a DC guy, haha.
LEon said…
@Joshua: Thanks for your support and encouragement! :)

@KazeTora: I personally think the comic black costume is cool but not the movie version tho.

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