Lugnut Transformers Animated Toy Voyagers Class

One of my favorite Decepticon in the new Transformers Animated Series would be Lugnut. Lugnut stand out in the series with his unfailing and simple loyalty to Megatron and his Hulk liked design.

As Lugnut only comes in voyagers class as a toy, it doesn't give his fan much choices.

Vehicle Mode
Lugnut in vehicle was very well designed. The bomber plane strike a good mixed of WWII design with some futuristic touch.

With two big bombs on each side, the bombers come with some Gun turrets as well. Two on each side of the cockpit.

And one on the top of the cockpit. All is movable.

Lugnut's weapon was integrated as a essential part of the plane. Can you see the where the weapon is?

Answer can be found here.

Here the completed transformation of the weapon.

The transformation is pretty straight forward.

Lugnut can do the Macross pose too!

The fully transformed Lugnut.

Robot Mode
Just like in the animationm the toy retain the hulk-likeness of Lugnut.

The face of Lugnut was just like the animation. However the head cannot turned nor the mouth cannot be open.

The hands did not have any fingers...

However the weapon was design to fit the hands.

But my greatest complain of all is the scale. Compare it to Transformers animated Deluxe class Bumble bee...

It's really quite bad.

Compare to leader class Megatron...

I couldn't bring it to full comparison with the rest of the figures on photo actually. If standing with all his Decepticon toy of that series in robot mode, Lugnut look really short.

If the scale issue aside, Lugnut toy is a good toy. I loved the design of the bombers and Robot even the transformation process too. If only they release it in Leader class,it would be closed to prefect but the toy maker did not and worst they plan of doing a repaint for him...

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Anonymous said…
Lugnut is a Gem!

You are darn right about the scale issue. Lugnut should be much bigger given the real scale of a plane.

Great Blog!!! You just got yourself a fan!
Great news on your new blog. Yeah! Don't waste your time waiting for their action!
LEon said…
Thanks Guys for your support. :)
Anonymous said…
Hey Leon, where did you get this blog template as I want to change my current one to this??
KazeTora said…
WW II Macross supported!! lol...

Wow, I didn't think the scale will be that obvious... that's a bummer. What happened if you put it next to Grimlock or Prowl? Do we get a bike as big as a plane or we get a plane as small as a bike? hahaha.
LEon said…
Desmond: You can find that under Blogger dashboard > Layout > Pick New Template. Under there have some template. Make sure you choose any "Stretch" version. My template is "Minima Stretch". Hope that helps.

KazeTora: If beside prowl, the plan is a bit bigger in vehicle mode. However in robot mode, Prowl would be taller than Lugnut... :(
Anonymous said…
Leon, thanks for your information!
LEon said…
Desmond: You are welcome.

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