LEGO 30th Anniversary Starwars Clone Troopers Battle Pack

Sometime ago I bought myself a Lego. Not just any Lego but the Starwars series. And not any Starwars Lego but Clone troopers Lego.

It was a 30th years anniversary Starwars edition too.

I decided to get this box set all because of the number of Clone Troopers. For the price of S$29.90, you get to have 4 Lego Clone Troopers with accessories too. Those Lego Clone troopers are cute.

Okay let's open it up. *Blow the trumpet.

One thing right that George Lucas did for the new trilogy that saved the Starwars Saga was the Clone troopers. Many went nuts for it including me. :P

Lego was wise to take the trilogy to use the storyline to do their design and I have to say Lego did a hell of job. The painting was nice and the helmet shape and outline so well define.

If you think Darth Vader helmet off scene in "Return of the Jedi" is freaky, wait till you see what beneath the helmet of the Lego Clone Troopers. Ready?

I was expecting to see Jango Fett face since they are Clone of him but in the end no face was painted. After recovery the shock, I guess it's okay. Who cares about Jango Fett anyway. Clone troopers won't be a Clone Troopers if their helmet is off right?

Lego was generous in accessories. They made sure all the troopers are well equipped for battle. 3 Blasters and 1 rifle. They even throw in a Binoculars too! This boxset was able to build a Speeder bike and a turret tower.

Overall I have no regret getting this boxset. For Clone troopers fan, this is one value for money box set for you. It is as good as it gets.


Anonymous said…
You've been 'poisoned'. Once you start on Lego, you're doomed..

You tend to start off with "oh this set looks cute and I'll buy this only."

Before long, you'll want more and have almost the entire series, plus even more..

Trust me, I've been there and done that :P
LEon said…
Ya I think somehow I do but only Clone Troopers poison as I will always take a second look in Lego when there are Clone Troopers. If I got budget, maybe I will buy more. Hehehe
AVCr8teur said…
Hi Leon, thanks for stopping by my blog. I noticed you like Lego Clone Troopers too. I don't have the Battle Pack boxset, but I bought the same individual Lego Clone Troopers in your photograph as well as a Battle Droid at Comic-Con 2 years ago. The boxset does look pretty cool.
LEon said…
Ya I love Lego Clone Troopers! You been to comic-con? Cool! I never get a chance... :( Waiting to see your cool Lego collections. :)
Unknown said…
The yellow one isn't cody, it is a regular star corps trooper. You know, the ones that killed Aayla Secura (the blue skinned twilek jedi)

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