LEGO minifigures Series 19: Galactic Bounty Hunter

Lego minifigures series 19 is currently release and I just try my luck to get a figure. Hopeing it was Monkey king but could not feel the right part in the blind pack for Monkey king. So I get the one that I fancy. The Galactic Bounty Hunter they call him.

Why I get this figure? Well more on the request by my kid who play Fortnite with me. He recognize the look to be one of the character. Here is the character.

The signature look would be the full masked helmet!

I have to say the helmet look good all around. I like the size view.

Here is the Bounty Hunter without his helmet off. Seems like he is having tattoos on his face.

Now from the back it seems Bounty Hunter are more like an cyborg as you can see some mechanical part at the back of his head.

The only clue this figure is a bounty hunter would be having this info pad which look electronic showing a bounty of an unknown person.

When compare the look it seems he also look like the bounty. Maybe is him!! Maybe all LEGO look the same. LOL

The only weapon as a Bounty Hunter is a blaster weapon which seems short range.

Overall here is him in complete look. Look really cool!

Overall quite happy with this figure. Now I want the Monkey king!!


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