My Visit to LEGOLAND Malaysia Part 3

Welcome back to the part 3 of my 1 day visit to LEGOLAND Malaysia. 

The land of Imagination. what is best to see a big feature of LEGO Albert Einstein at the LEGO Academy where you learn to program robot and other LEGO stuff.

I cannot help myself to go in to look see. Behold most interesting stuff is at the counter. It's the Pokemon made up by LEGO!! Can you name all of them?

Since it was Chinese New year, there are LEGO done for Chinese new year greeting with Year of the Horse!

There is a simple but good looking Ninja GO 2D sculpture!

For the class signage, there was Angry Bird! Man I would sign up lesson on how to make this if I have the time.

One of the main feature at Imagination Land is the 4D movie! One of the popular destination as they have different movie at different show time.

There was a Giant Chima Lion Laval. Awesome!

I noticed the crew of the filming at the top of the theater too!

There was this cool fountain that has sensor and if you walk pass any of the instrument, the instrument will sound off. So if you go one round around them, all of them will be activated to play as a band for a melody. Not many know that tho. LOL

All of as are hungry for a late lunch and looking at the giant Griffie eating make us more hungry!!

There are a few restaurants at different location in LEGOLAND.

But we went for Pizza at Imagination land at Imagination Land

After eating, I try to feed some "food" to the LEGO parriot just for fun. No there did not react. This picture is purely for fun to fool my kid.

We need to go to the Toilets too and the signage are really interesting.

To me, it look like both of them are doing the Gangnam style dance. Don't you agree?

Before I head over to the water park on my next post, there are still some part of the park that my family and I have not cover entirely and it was more than half of the day. If we would queue up for ride and play everyone of them, maybe it would take a full one day dependance on the crowd. So I guess if you have a child, it would easily take one full day at LEGOLAND.

Next post will be me at LEGOLAND Water Park to cool off some heat! Stay tune!

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