My Visit to LEGOLAND Malaysia Part 2

One of the famous feature of LEGOLAND Malaysia was the Mini land. It is a great place to see if you are into details and especially you know of those places or architecture and it's history. I would be rather serene feel to see them in LEGO style.

One of the tallest would be the Twin tower of KLCC.

There are some historic building around the world

*PS: Just in case you are wondering why there is a person inside is because he is the gardener to groom the plant as tree there. It is a hard job under the hot sun and he is the one that make the mini tree look real.

Forbidden palace from China

Street of Johor bahru

KLIA which stand for Kuala Lumpur International Airport

They did Singapore River and part of the CBD area too!

Even the Singapore Flyer.

The bonus area was this Starwars Mini land

It has some mini scene of the Starwars series there for you to explore.

It is a great place for those who are into photography to take some challenging shot. I am sure macro may not be in play here as the distance is quite far.

You can try taking low angle which I did to make it more to scale.

This is one of those shot that I like!

Actually there are many more display at Mini Land but it was already too much for me to show all and it does not justify the experience if you go and take a look for yourself in detail. All you need is a cloudy day for you to really take your time to look through the display and see what you can find.

I would imagine children loving this as I can see that from the expression of my child. To him this place is like a dream land to play if they actually can enter the area and maybe became a Godzilla or Ultraman or even Pacific Rim. LOL

More of my review on LEGOLAND to be continue here if you missed part 1 can read here.


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