After Ninja Go TV series ended, LEGO started a new series without much waiting and it was CHIMA. If there are bootleg Ninja Go would have bootleg figure so would be CHIMA

For the curiosity of many, I would be doing some review on this NOT LEGO CHIMA.

In the CHIMA series, there was never offer for the customer to purchase the character all by itself but this non-LEGO did offer that in a single full color box.

Here is EQUILA, a female character from CHIMA and she is a white Eagle. You will notice the company logo was LELE and not LEGO.

Open the Toy and here are the items that comes with the toy. You have playing cards, Mini-figure, product catalog and the packaging.

The box comes with 4 character's cards in full colors, however the quality of the card does not look really good. These playing cards have some character status and if you know the rules, you can play with it with another player. However the rules was not found in the packaging.

I have an interesting time to look at their catalog and I notice the numbering are so close to LEGO numbering.

Although this is not Original figure, the quality of the figure did look quite good like the original.

Here is Equila with armor and wings on.

With the helmet on, EQUILA is such a beauty..

The wings

Now the whole figure is all set but there are remaining accessories...

The given weapon from the packaging it look different but this was more like the Original LEGO Chima weapon for Equila.

Here is a close but on the detail of this version of Equila.

That's all for this sharing and there will be some more to come.

Do note that this toy in the review are NOT LEGO CHIMA series toys.


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