Ninjaman bootleg Lego Ninja Go!

Today I am going to review this bootleg Lego Ninja Go which they call themselves Ninjaman.

If you are not really have an eye on the real Ninja Go from Lego, you would be easily fooled by this bootleg as the packaging and quality do not seems very much bootleg. Just look at the packaging. It is exactly like the original with exception the title is different and no Lego logo.

At the back of the card, more details of the toys and the only different there are some prints in white square which I suppose it cover the original artwork where the original Lego should be. I could be wrong tho since I do not have a original to compare. It printed it is Made in China.

There were a few colors of this ninja and I got the red one just to review it and it turned out the character name is as the original Lego character, Kai.

As I open up the package, there were cards, Tops and a figure just like the original.

Like the original LEGO Ninja Go, these packed comes with cards in the pack. It suppose to be played as card game add on with the toy.

The quality of the card isn't too shabby and they took the trouble to rename it to Ninjaman in their card artwork.

Although my character I got is Kai who is red, the instruction sheet was using Cole which is the black Ninja

The quality of the figure does not look cheap even though it was bootleg and the parts can fit in properly. Surprising.

As for weapons, the plastic look quite cheap tho but the details were there.

On the whole the surface plastic does not look as glossy as the original I guess but the figure are well made with quality.

One of the weapon can be put behind his back as like the original.

The weapon like samurai sword fit nicely

so does the special Dragon saber

The top really look like original to me and that is where the Ninja fighting action begins.

Lastly the figure fit nicely in the Tops and it is ready to spin and fight.

I have to say the quality of this bootleg is pretty close to the original from packaging and quality. The price of this bootleg is just slightly above 50% of the original.

Once again this review is just for information comparison and nothing more.

What do you think about this bootleg?


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