The Making of MGR Raiden Cosplay

Today we have Kelton to share with us how he built the costume of Raiden.

I've always been a huge fan of the Metal Gear series and initially I had planned to cosplay Raiden in his Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots outfit back in 2011. However, with the release of Metal Gear Rising in 2013, I decided to construct his latest costume in time for the game's release as a labor of love.

* The photography taken by Brian Lim

This was actually my first 'mecha' type outfit and it involved a lot of trial and error to get it right. I started with a mannequin base of my body that I constructed and then sewed a body suit from 4-way stretch lycra.

After that I began drafting out patterns and cutting out foam pieces to make the armor

After I had cut out all the pieces, I sealed them and spray painted them before attaching eyelets and metal studs to them for the details.

After the armor was complete, I made the muscle fibers from insulation foam and spray painted them.

Because I wanted the jaw piece to conform perfectly to my jaw, I made a plaster cast of my own face and sculpted the jaw prosthetic in plasticine before casting it in latex.

The finished prosthetic was painted with acrylic paint and is adhered to the face with prosthetic adhesive.

The head pieces were constructed from a cardboard and hot glue base and sculpted over with epoxy.

The shoes were probably the most difficult part of the costume. The first pair I made was constructed from a rubber foam slipper with metal bolts holding the 'heel' made from pvc pipe in place allowing the heel to move back and forth. However this proved problematic because it was impossible to walk in as the shoes had no support. So that was scrapped. I later modified a pair of chunky heels by sawing off the heel and reattaching it with a door hinge and lock so it could lock in place and move when unlocked.

Old Shoes

New Shoes

Once the shoes were complete, I attached all the armor and muscle fiber pieces to the suit and made all the other accessories.

The helmet needed several adjustments in order to get the hinge to move well and to align the visor pieces

I later attached magnets to the visor so it could lock into place when closed and opened.

Accessories include the Cyborg Spine

HF Blade

and the Holster

Thanks for Kelton to share with us how he made the Raideon Costume.


ei said…
How did he sealed the foam?

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