Interview with Kelton the Cosplayer

After reading the awesome Metal Gear Rising Raiden cosplay and behind the making of the costume, it would be interesting to do a short interview regarding Kelton the cosplayer and some history of his cosplay.

* Photo taken by Hexlord

When and what started you for your cosplay?
I've always had an interest in movie monsters, gore and special effects and in my teens I was into a lot of goth and industrial music and clothing. In 2006, I started with J-Rock cosplays - with Shou from Alice Nine and Asagi from D being some of the first costumes I started making before getting into videogame cosplay. Occasionally I cosplay characters from manga and western comics. I had some basic sewing skills that I picked up on my own since I started hand sewing at the age of 10 and made clothes for 12 inch action figures and dolls. Eventually I started making my own custom clothing and that progressed to costuming.

* Photo taken by Chua.jye

Among all the cosplay and costume making which character are your favorite and which is your least proud of?
Hmm this is a tough one since I put a lot of love and effort into each and every outfit I've made. I suppose right now my favorite outfit is my Metal Gear Rising Raiden outfit because I experimented with a lot of new materials and techniques in costume making I had not done before so I feel like it was a major step forward in terms of my art practice. As for my least favorite outfit, I dont think I have one. I just regret using PVA glue on my very first armored costume - which was Gan Ning from Dynasty Warriors 6 because the heat from my body as well as the humidity caused some surfaces of the armor to melt off.

* Photo taken by Hexlord

In costume making, how did you pick up the skill?
I learn from research - reading tutorials people have posted online of their own experiences of working with certain materials, experimented with my own methods, and lots and lots of reference pictures. When you start cosplaying, usually it's hard to pick out where to start but for me it's always about planning your outfit, budgeting, researching for sources to get materials and the rest is a lot of trial and error. Even if things don't go right the first time, you can always try again. There's a lot of trial and error involved in costume making because there's no 'right' way of doing things.

Are you in any community for cosplaying?
No I am not in any particular community, though I know people in the local scene and prefer to socialize with any other artists who share my love for costume making. I am also very much interested in networking with people all over the world who are also into cosplay.

* Photo taken by Hexlord

What are you future plan and what will be the next character you would cosplay?
I guess you could call this my year of the 'uglies' Haha. My future plans for this year are the Executioner from Alice Madness Returns, Nemesis Type II from Resident Evil 3, Ryu Hayabusa in a DLC outfit from Ninja Gaiden 3 Razor's Edge and my last outfit for the year will be Kenneth Irons from the Witchblade comics.

*Photo taken by William

Thank you Kelton for this short interview and sharing.

You can follow more on Kelton update on his cosplay at his facebook page.


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