Hasbro Iron Man 3 Toys

We are just a month away from IRON MAN 3 movie, which is set to hit big screens from 25 April 2013. In line with the movie, Hasbro has released a new line of IRON MAN 3 toys and collectibles. Here is a quick run through.

Hasbro continue to focus on the 3.75" Ironman and for that they are making it more fun by doing a series called IRON MAN 3 ‘ASSEMBLERS’. This line that allows great customisation with its new ‘Interchangeable Armour System’ that can be swapped between figures to create hundreds of incredible IRON MAN combinations.

Here are some of the various Iron man

Updates: You can see the above series review here!

Continue the tradition of Iron man having his own vehicle, this time is a heavily armed sport car .

As for kids who want to role play Iron man, there is no shortage of Mask and gadgets

Something more interesting is now you have a Mask that shoot darts and a motorized Gauntlet that shoot Nerf disc. That is pretty cool if you ask me.

If you like transformers stuff, here are two Iron man 3 series that transform from vehicle to Iron man!

If you would want a bigger scale Iron man, here are some.

They can shoot missiles, having sound and light.

These are currently in toy department store now in Singapore. Do check them out if you are looking for Iron man 3 toys.


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