Wrapping up STGCC 2012

I promised earlier I would not cramp the whole loads of photo...I lied. Here is the final post of STGCC 2012 and it will be photo packed. I would like you to see more of the event yourself but I just cannot load so much photo (as it take long time to edit and write up)... So here is as simple wrap up as I can regarding this year STGCC 2012...

Let me share with you the toys that caught my eyes beside Hot Toys and Play Imaginative as I have a earlier post on them.

Let me share with you the kotobukiya which is under Simply toy booth. Those DC and Marvel girls are spectacular. Here's Mystic.

There are others lovely girls under Kotobukiya such as this

There were Ironman Helmet that give out lights in the eyes and they make really cool display.

There was also a giant display of the Red Hulk and it is quite intimating. 

A prototype of the Spider-man was display there too! Pretty good pose.

The booth was selling Rockman Model kit which some of you may know him as Megaman...

And also Danboard which I couldn't resist the temptation to just get one for myself. :D

Next I moved to 501st Legion

There were grand display of Starwars figures of which they included some easter eggs for viewer to spot.

Here are some that I spotted. One of the Death Star troopers doing a PEACE sign. I think he will get some confinement or extra duty later...worst straggled by Darth Vader. 

Harrison Ford put on the wrong costume as Indiana Jones instead of Han Solo and had to hide...

I have no clue why Spider-man is in this scene as they is no linkage at all.

There were a grand LEGO Starwars display too and much focus was on this Millennium Falcon.

Another grand set was this Lord of the Rings Helm deep displayed which many are custom parts

Here is MAX Toys display of their products and it is quite creative for the characters.

There was some wonderful posters on sales with proper framing. Some were even retro style!

I spotted Miku Hatsune at ZANEEDS booth!

One of the artists which have great followers would be the works of Tokidoki! Look how cute and punk this toy is!

It was a great time to get the artist works and get Tokidoki to autograph on it as personalization!

Next I move to the booth of Beast Brothers and catch their works. I love this Dunny as very Maya looking.

One of the brothers were busy customizing a Bigger Munny while the other strike a pose for me while autographing. Cool bro!

Tristan Eaton was autographing for his fans too. 

I was quite fancy with the Bloody Bunnys Vinyl but some prefer the soft toy version. 

In the artist alley, there were some talent artist seeking to have better exposure of their works and some are quite interesting.

One of them even did sculpture of Mary Jane from Spider-man. I do hope after STGCC they will have some leads.

One of the regular guest of STGCC is Leinil Yu and he is as popular as ever. 

This time, he drew the Spirit of Singapore. I wonder will this become a actual comic...

Talking about comics, there were a few booth like G&B comic selling some good comic on offer prices.

One of my regrets was I could not stay long enough to take some cosplayers as I have other family commitment later part of the day. I also missed out to have proper meeting and quality time with some friends at that event too. Sigh...

Anyway my consolation was before I leave the hall, I saw the life size R2-D2 at Singapore post.

And R2 escort me out of the Hall. LOL

Overall I like this year STGCC as it is more spacious in the new venue and it is something refreshing at Marina Bay Sands. For me to spend 3 hours at that location is already something. I didn't buy much toys tho as the pricing as there were not so much offers. Maybe it has to do with the rental.

Anyway I am looking forward to next year STGCC and I do hope there will be more TOYS!!

What's your feedback of this year STGCC 2012?


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