STGCC 2012 Hot Toys & Play Imaginative

I have taken loads of photo on the whole event of STGCC 2012 at Marina Bay Sands and I have to say there is good improvement in the general event this year.

Since I have loads of photos, I will be doing separated to post on the event as I do not want to cramp the content.

Firstly let's talk about two big companies regarding toys (which also floor spaces of STGCC) which is none other than Hot toys and Play Imaginative. Allow me to review them now on this post.

Hot Toys
Since fans read about the display in HongKong and Taiwan, most would know what to look out for at STGCC and how the booth would be and it is just as I have expected. Still cool to see it in real person.

Firstly I went to take a look at the Version 2 Joker from The Dark Knight series and it is truly amazing.I have to say I am one big fan of this version of the Joker but don't worry I will not go around and shoot people.

Next I went to look with my own eyes on the likeness and beauty of the Catwoman from the Dark Knight Rises. The likeness level was close to 99% for me!

The BAT from the Dark Knight Rises is huge and I can see why it is not for sales at even if the collector can afford the money, displaying this fella would be a challenge.Auto Pilot not included. :P

For the Marvel The Avenger, this Black Widow would be the most photo taken by guys including me. The likeness was amazing but somehow the stand to hold her straight kinda make me think something not very pleasant...

Next in the Avenger for me to check out would be the Hulk as I want to see the proportion with other figures and he is really big. I love his arms and he tower over Captain America.

Details on the Loki was fantastic as the costume, face feature and his signature helmet. Thumbs up!

Thor on the other hand was put at the background but he do look as good as Loki.

Not forgetting some love for Predator

Play Imaginative
Play Imaginative a Singapore base Toy design company had always produce designer toys but for STGCC, it is the first time they are doing 12 inch product and they are plus point are these 12 inch figure are not only articulated but made of diecast parts.

Here is the box of the Jim Lee even some part of the boxes like the Batman sign are metal!

Exclusive are these Batman in two versions which is Matt or glossy painting.

His weapons look really sharp not including Batman utilities belt! 

This version of Batman comes with a stone gargoyles with good details

Jim Lee version was a glossy armor as a limited edition exclusive for STGCC only

The other reason to head down to Play Imaginative was this is a preview of Ironman which is die cast too! 

With that, this is truly the Ironman. 

Play Imaginative still continue to sell designers toy with various version.  

Trexi and the Justice League look pretty cool with translucent. 

Beside the booth area was this balloon To-Fu!  

Okay that is all for my STGCC 2012 report for now as I have more to share in the next post. :)

I do encourage if you can, do drop by and get the tickets as it is only a two days event.


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