Kamen Rider DX Den-O Zeronos Belt

Since young, I always wanted a Kamen Rider belt but never had the opportunity nor the finance to get one. I was browsing around at a toy department and notice a Kamen Rider belt is on great discount and since it is less than SGD$20.00, I decided to pick it!

It was DX Den-O Zeronos Belt! 

The packaging is really colorful showing both form of Kamen Rider Zeronos. On the packaging it stated that this belt will allow you to demo the Henshin pose if you wear it, LED light up, Sound and last of all card detection depending on which side of the card you inserted in.

Out of the box, the belt look amazing with great details and coloring. 

As the belt will have sound and light, it need to run on batteries and in this case, 2 AAA batteries in the compartment behind the belt.

As for the ON OFF switch, it is located on top of the belt...

To transform, you need to have the card to do the simulation. It comes with a card holder which you can clip it on the belt.

The card has two sides and there is a red arrow on each side to tell you which side to head in.

You need to activate the trigger on top of the belt and a music melody will play. While it was playing, insert the card in.  

Once the card is inserted to certain distance, it will pull the card in and the speaker will say out which form it is. As the card went in and the belt will said "Vega Form". The color in the center of the belt will rotate and form a path. Just look at the yellow stripes.

If you insert the other side of the card, it will be Altair Form.  

You can catch a video of Kamen Rider Zeronos Henshin at the video below on youtube.
On the whole, the quality of the belt is quite good. Not too plastic and not so soft.It is ideal for kids to play with it.

The sad part is, I couldn't get the belt on as my waist line is too big... If not I will truly enjoy it thinking that I will be a Kamen Rider. LOL

I let my child to try it on and although he like what it does, the belt is too big to fit into. So I guess he have to wait. LOL

More Kamen Rider Haul since there are others on offers for me to grab


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