Kamen Rider DEN-O DX Dengasher Weapon Set

Due to the recent great offer on Kamen Rider gadgets beside getting a Den-O Zeronos belt, I got this Kamen Rider DEN-O Dengasher weapon that was on great discount too!

The thing I love this set was it can turn into 4 different weapons! From a Sword, Rod, Axe and finally a Gun! Now how cool is that?

The toy comes with sound and LED to enhance the playing experience.

Out of the box, there are four parts to play around.

One part of the instruction broke me to laughter warning the user not to pull up vertically toward the eye but rather horizontally. If someone will to do that, it will be rather stupid. 

There is a hidden compartment for the 2xAAA batteries.

Not forgetting the LED lights and the ON/OFF switch for this toy.

First form I did was the Dengasher Gun Mode. I love this mode the best as it give a realistic feel and the structure is firm and good to hold.

In all mode, there is a trigger button for you to press and somehow it has the intelligence to detect which mode you are at and play the special effect sound. Pretty Neat.

Next I tried on the Dengasher Axe mode and for that you have to pull the axe blade out like below.

Combine with another part to give the Axe head more weight and substance.

Joint the rest of the parts to be the handle and the Axe mode is done. Although with long handle, the Axe on the hold still remain solid. Although it is not advisable to really go to the extend to hit anything with it. You may damaged the toy but worst casing injury to others not knowingly. 

The Dengasher Rod mode is the simplest as all you need to do is to combine all the part horizontally and the Rod mode is done.

At the end of the handle there is this wheel like pulley which is similar to fishing pulley. Go fish!

Last mode is none other than the Dengasher Sword mode. For that I followed instruction to flip the end of the tip...I had no idea what was that in the beginning. What is that red tip?

Even after I completed the sword mode, I was asking myself, where is the blade?

I checked with the photo of the box and true enough that is the handle of Sword mode but the Full blade was not found. Only then it come to mind that the small red tip is the blade....

What happen to the rest of the blade? It was never there. It is for the imagination of the children to fantasies it. The small red rubber tip is just a representative of the blade. All this is done because of safety.

Although I understand the intention, I couldn't help but felt disappointed.

Nonetheless I enjoyed the mode change and I played with it a couple of time in various mode to familiarize the transformation. Among the four mode, my favorite is the Gun mode but my son love the rob mode as he thought it was a Train! So the way he play with it was to glide the rob as a train across the floor.

Since he was having fun with it, I do not want to correct him as he is entitle as a child for his own imagination. Most importantly for him is to have fun. :)


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