24 July 2010

Gundam Cafe's Coasters

My friend Zaku999 went to Japan Gundam Cafe and he bought some gift for me and Ngee Khiong since he was in town.

Each packet consist of 6 random coaster.

The mark of originality.

Other information can be found at the back of the packet.

So which random 6 do I have? Let's count down! First off RX-78!

MS-07B Gouf

Haro in the UC era! Cute!



and lastly, Guncannon  RX-77

And that's all six coasters I got. My sincere thanks to zaku999 for getting these gift to us. :)

Which one you think I should use it first? :P

By the way, here are some photos zaku999 took at the Gundam cafe on his last visit.

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