Coming Bleach Alpha Omega Neliel & Sarugaki Hiyori 1/8 PVC Figure

One of the female bleach character I fancy is none other than Neliel. She is cute when she is a whining kid and sexy when she return to her former self. Finally a decent figure is going to be release for Neliel brought to you by Alpha Omega.

You can get Neliel figure here!

My first banner of Openthetoy was Neliel as she was cute!

Here's some good cosplay photo that I like so far.

Neliel in cute kid form

*Photo credit to and the real cosplayer at

Neliel Tu

*Photo credit to

Together with Neliel release which releasing in February next year is the tomboy-ish Sarugaki Hiyori which in all honestly I am not really a fan of her.


desmond said…
I like the main character "Ichigo Kurosaki" as I still playing the PSP game..
LEon said…
Which part are you playing? Part 4 or 5?
kluxorious said…
I fucking want both! although not really a fan of Nel (I think she's annoying both as kid/adult) and love Hiyori. I hope with this figure it will indicate that she has a long life ahead of her >_>
LEon said…
It's quite rare for me to see Hiyori fan. You are the first I see. Personally the tomboy image is not my cup of tea. :)
I got a friend who likes Neliel a lot. He even has Neliel cute keychain on his haversack.
Hexlord said…
Oh dear, the photo of Neliel kid form is actually my friend's cousin:

I wonder if they gotten permission from the owners of the photos... seem to be leeched from various sources on the Internet :X
LEon said…
Your friend like the kid form or the adult form? Most guys like the adult form which has very obvious reason.

Thanks for sharing. I couldn't find the exact photo at the account. I wonder if that photo is taken by others during a convention or gathering. I will put a link to credit your friend. Meanwhile do inform your friend about it. If she is not okay, I can simply remove that link to the photo. Thank you. :)
Hexlord said…
@Leon -> Yeah, thanks man. She knows about your webby cos I showed her the link. :)
desmond said…
Don't know which version. The characters are very cute in the game. All are small size with big heads. May be the 2008 version..
LEon said…
I didn't know have cute version of bleach on PSP. Can give me the whole title name? thanks!

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