How do I score over a million in Disney Tsum Tsum? Part 2

In Disney Tsum Tsum, it is all Math. You can even the odds by understanding how little by little add up make big differences.

I achieved over 1 million without using any bonus special (like using ruby to add more 10 seconds) but purely by levelling up my basic Tsum Tsum faithfully. The keyword is focus.

In a match, the game will be giving you 5 random Tsum Tsum characters. Some of this TsumTsum are the basic characters (originally come with the game) plus the one you have.

If you have any of that Tsum Tsum in your collection, it will take on your current Tsum Tsum score.

Below are each of the score of  the Tsum Tsum I owned.
As you level up your Tsum Tsum, the result your score of each Tsum Tsum will be higher.

Take a look at my Elsa and you will notice it was at 546. This mean that each Elsa I burst, I will get 546 points. The Minimum burst of each Tsum Tsum is 3. That means if I form 3 to a burst, I will get 546 x 3 which is 1638. As I continue to level up my Elsa, the basic score will go higher.

Each match is only 60 seconds and if each of my character having higher score, I can get more points.

In a match if you do not have the basic Tsum Tsum, not only you cannot level him up,
you will be stuck at the default points which is the level 1 of that characters each time you burst a set of them.

The secret then is to purchase the White Boxes at 10K coins as early as possible so you can get those character and level up higher and higher.

Do not worry about getting premium box which is 30,000 as the game is design in the way that if you do not have any of those Premium box Tsum Tsum in your collection, those characters will not appear in any of your matches.

Do note that the basic Tsum Tsum (white box) generally have much lower score compare to the premium Tsum Tsum (Red box) even if the level is the same. It was just work out that way.

The sad thing about the game is that you have no control what the game assign you the Tsum Tsum when you purchase a White box. So you are very much at the mercy of the game but it is risk you got to take.

In cases you got the same character again, it will add to your skill which help for your Tsum Tsum special.

Keep in mind that your Tsum Tsum reached to any 5 level, you have to pay some coins to unlock the next level for them to keep leveling up.

With that you should have a better understanding of your Tsum Tsum and with proper training and levelling up, you will have no issue reaching your first 1 million point high score.

You may read more about how to spend your hearts of my first post in case you missed it.

Please comment and let me know if you have something to share in what was shared here.

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