Bootleg Pink Dolphin Transformers

Today I am going to share with you a sighting on my recent toy browsing. I know Transformers had a series called Beast wars but I do not remember there was a Dolphin Transformers. The best part, it was a Pink Dolphin.

For bootlegs there just used the name Transformers Robot Dolphin. There was no indication that it is an Autobots or a Decepticons. 

On packaging it was a good looking Dolphin.

At the back of the card has a simple illustration of the transformation which look rather simple enough.

The Robot mode look alright except the Dolphin's head as a chest. It also comes with a rifle.

Now this is seriously an usual Transformers but I have to give credit on it's creativity.

Now the question I am asking myself that if this is a Transformers. Would he be a Autobots or Decepticons?

What do you think?


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