Best Asian Baroness Cosplay?

On the last outdoor toy photoshoot, some of the us were talking about cosplay in the coming AFA. One of those good cosplayers we talk about was in Philippines. It never crossed my mind that an Asian can Cosplay well as Baroness from G.I Joe until I saw her.

The above photos were covered by Philanime at Collecticon 2009 Philippines on 10 October.

If you are interested in the cosplayer/model, her name is Alodia Gosiengfiao.

Full set of her as Baroness can be found here and Alodia's deviantart. She ranked 87th on FHM’s 100 Sexiest Women in the World in Philippines. She did a lot of cosplay and will be in Singapore this week as she has been invited for a Nuffnang Asia Pacific Blog . Alodia did a lot of nice looking toy figure photography too!

Back to the event on Collecticon 2009 Philippines, there are some custom figure that interest me. Like the Movie Bumblebee. I believe it was a custom Munny. This is way better than Mighty Mugg.

One of the custom designer used a C.I.boy toy figure. I really like cam head.

To see other happening in Collecticon 2009, head over to Philanime.


Jcee said…
That's one hot Baroness!
i'm going to essen this weekend and hope too make some lovely pictures.
just like these.

LEon said…
Glad you like it too. :)

Do share it with us later when you done snapping pictures. :)
desmond said…
Wow!! She is a damn hot and pretty babie..
With her looks, she can do any cosplay on adorable anime gals. Nice Baroness but didn't quite suit her.
LEon said…
I'm glad you like it.

You are right. I think most guys fall for pretty specs gal in someway or another.

Don't get burn. LOL
Juliana said…
This Baroness is indeed very hot! Many thoughts must be swirling in the minds of her male admirers when they look at her, LOL! :P

And that's a very cute Munny Bee too! :D
LEon said…
You are the only who notice and comment about the 2 toys below her photos. I guess many diverted and missed out the two cute custom toys. What can I say... :)

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