Animated Venom Mcdonald Happy Meal Toy

Sometime, just sometime, I have a soft spot for McDonalds happy meal toy. This is one of those time that I went to order a "Happy Meal" just for the toy. It is not any other toy but Venom from the animated Spider-man series.

On the packaging, others toys of the series are displayed.

The instructions of the toy are printed on the packaging as well. We will get to see the action later.

For now, OPEN THE TOY!

Venom is muscular but the arms are a bit too long. Gorilla looking...

The face without venom signature out sticking tongue still look pretty fierce some.

Compare to Venom from Spider-man movie, the animated venom is pretty short but his arm are way bigger than the movie version. With better balancing too!

The best part of this toy Venom is his action feature which is fun for kids.

Time for Venom to get into the action! Don't get wet.

Overall a good looking and fun figure compare to the rest of the series. Do you agree?


Juliana said…
I have this toy too! It was very hard to find one with good painting, especially around the chest and eyes. Yours look perfect! :)
LEon said…
Yes Juliana. I was lucky in a way. I didn't really choose it as the queue behind me was quite long. LOL
Bubbashelby said…
This is a cool one - I missed out on these when they were at McDonalds.
desmond said…
It's good when just paying a small sum of money..
LEon said…
This is better than the hasbro toy venom of the animated series if I may say so.

Yep. This is the best figure in that series.
cosmicbaby said…
Nice Styling!
LEon said…
The toy designer did a good job.

Yes. Kids just love it!
It's a cute and fun toy! Mac Donald does sell interesting toys. I remember they used to sell Dragonball toys previously

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