Star Wars Rebels The Ghost Crew in Black Series Coming

Starwars Rebel, one of the best Starwars series since they join Disney is releasing the full Ghost crew in the Black Series of Hasbro Starwars collections. Just look at the cover of the packaging and you know it.

This release will be Zeb Orrelios is the first time releasing in the Black Series.

Kanan Jarrus is a release and I was hoping they release the version when he was blind but I guess many still like him this way.

Ezra Bridger  also as younger version where he still have his helmet.

Hera Syndulla the pilot of Ghost is here again

Sabine Wren as a younger version too while I was waiting for black saber when she get older in the series.

And on that many wanted. The Droid C1-10P Chopper

Finally Ahsoka Tano that appear in the Rebel series version

These will be release in August 2020.


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