LEGO MOC SD Musha Gundam Warring States Legend: The Seven Warriors by JC Concept

In recent years there are many LEGO builder move to build Gundam. Recently JC Concept a MOC builder decided to make the 7 Samurai Gundam from the Musha series Warring States Legeng the Seven Warriors.

Currently there are featuring 4th of the 7th in plan.

The first built is  Musha Gundam (武者頑駄無)

Here is the front and back view of build in BB or some call it SD style. The parts are articulated like any action figure.

The second, Musha Gundam Mark Two (武者頑駄無摩亜屈)

At number 3 spot is Musha Zeta Gundam (武者精太頑駄無)

Here are more of the details

Just out recently, Musha Noomaru Gundam (武者農丸頑駄無)

You can follow JC Concept on their facebook for more of the rest of BB or SD Musha Gundam in time to come!


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