Hottoys releasing Kenner Vintage color 1/6 scale Boba Fett

They say starwars are for the new generation but behold they are throwing back to the older generation because Hottoys will be releasing a retro version of their 1/6 Bobafett to be color accurate for the first Bobafett toys by Kenner.

Yes you got it right. This was actually the same Bobafett from Empire Strike Back version of Hottoys and they decided to pay tribute to the first Bobafett toys many of the first generation starwars kids had.

You can call it a repaint but this is an exclusive.

Here are the features of the toy.

Here is the whole packaging. I have to say this Bobafett is exactly what most kids of those time remember. It even come with vintage looking packaging!

There is no news of when this will be releasing but will keep you guys update.

You think the NEW generation Starwars fan able to get this?


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