Hasbro Marvel Legends Series Change in Packaging

Just a couple of weeks ago Hasbro has revile that they will cut down on plastic for packaging and here seems to be on of those move where Marvel Legend series packaging started to change.

If you are not familiar with the 6" series of Marvel Legends, below is the photo of the OLD box packaging and the new card type of packaging.

The new packaging is not something new as Hasbro had did that on the Starwars black series few months back to bring back the retro feel.

The new packaging seems to reduce the use of cardboard but increase a bit more for the plastic as now the plastic seems to cover over 60% of the surface while the old cardboard design the plastic only cover the front with a sheet of plastic like 35% of the packaging including the plastic container that hold the figure in place.

The new design however is more open for everyone to see the detail of the figure where some toy collector can easy compare paint job and select one that love.

With the card design it maybe good for retail to hang on pegs but that provided there are enough peg. Most retail would stack them standing in the old design which is more stable. For toy collector, this card design would be good for Mint in card collector for display.

The first wave with this card packaging include the following figure in the series.
● Spider Man (Far From Home)
● Night Monkey (Far From Home)
● End Game Captain America
● Infinity War Iron Man
● Infinity War Black Panther
● Captain Marvel

So do you like the new packaging or the old one?


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