Fortnite Mcfarlane 7″ Premium Action Figure Peely Coming

Peely, one of the character skin in Fortnite that introduce in Season 9 is coming on mcfarlane toys. Here are the preview of the figure which is likely to releasing on Q1 of 2020.

For Peely, he is sculpted and painted from in-game asset. Which consist of Machete Harvesting Tool, Bamboo Back Bling and a Infintry Rifle. It also come with a stand base to help to stand if needed.

The 7" figure comes with 22 points of articulation which is pretty decent.

Peely I forseen would be on of the favorite one because of his design and cute eyes. Too bad they did not come with additional hands which can do more pose with the toy.

Anyway this is one figure most fortnite user would get.

Do you like Peely?


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