SDCC 2019 Jurassic Park John Hammond Figure

Welcome to Jurassic Park. For all the human in Jurassic Park you will remember, it certainly would be the old man who owned the park. That's is John Hammond.

Jurassic Park have been 26 years! For this event, a figure of the ironic character was to be issued. John Hammond will be a carded figure with the design of Jurassic park gate and when open you get to see the figure.

This 3.75" figure will come his removable hat, walking stick,  a non removable watch and glasses, The walking stick will have the amber which have the mosquitoes that trapped inside which have the DNA of the Dinosaur.

The figure will comes with a dinosaur egg stand complete with a hatching Velociraptor like in the movie.

At the SDCC event will be selling at Mattel booth at $15 USD each while stock lasted.


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