Hottoys Toy Fair Exclusive 2019 1/6th scale Scarlet Spider-Man

SDCC 2019 is around the corner and Hottoys had show case one of their Toy Fair Exclusive 2019 figure and it's from the Spider-verse, Scarlet Spider-Man!

Scarlet Spider is one of the simple suit of Spider-man. Just a blue hoodie with spray on Spider logo front and back. As the toy, he will come with  utility belt and Web-Shooters; interchangeable hands.

As for accessories, he will come with a retro camera; a pizza box with Pizza inside, a chocolate coated donut, a take away coffee cup and a mobile phone.

Reservation started now and this figure will be releasing in September 2019. In Japan it would be price at 30.000 JPY.

As for web, it will come with variety type of web shooter for display.

The swing style

The body can preform various pose of swinging like the game.

Here is one shot of Spider-man swing with various accessories with him. Brilliant shot!

Personally this is a good looking Spider-man for Spider-man fan.


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