Gatchaman II New God Phoenix Academy Model Kit Coming

Gatchman a anime that release in 1978 was a big hit everywhere. One of the iconic pieces is the main ship, the New God Phoenix. It was original release as model kit and 40 years a new model kit is coming from Academy Model Kit.

As a model kit it is about 200 pieces.

You can choose not to paint as the part already colored. What you need to do is to paste the stickers

You can do some panel lining and it should look great!

It will come with 5 mini Gatchaman and their vehicles which the vehicles are in scale with  New God Phoenix. Although being a model kit the figures and mini vehicles are not painted. 

New God Phoenix allow open and close the tip and wings to insert the mini vehicles.

The New God Phoenix can be display as landing mode and flight mode with a display pedestal.

It will come with flame effect to mimic the anime final attack. Really cool!

The complete built is measured as 395 x 310 × 160 mm.

Releasing in July 2019 at 7,500 JPY

Something I guess fans would love to get!


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