Bandai logo change to Blue?

Recently some who bought some Bandai product would notice that the Bandai logo change from Red to Blue. Why Bandai logo change to Blue and what is this Blue Bandai logo?
Blue Bandai Logo

No this has nothing to do with Super Saiyan Blue!

Apparently there was a split between Bandai Namco Holding early this year in February 2018 and Bandai restructure and form a sister company called BANDAI SPIRITS a.k.a Bandai Spirits Co., Ltd. For BANDAI SPIRIT is the one in Blue logo.

BANDAI SPIRITS actually now run Tamashii Nation series. So you will be seeing this Blue Bandai logo appear on Tamashii nation like S.H.figuarts, S.H. MonsterArts, D-Arts, Metal Build, DX Soul of Chogokin and more. You can click here to see the full list of Tamashii nation series.

On BANDAI SPIRITS Official site, BANDAI SPIRITS is a toy for HIGH targets, Plastic models, prizes for convenience stores, etc. are deployed in the business domain.

Having a unified brand "TAMASHII NATIONS (soul nations)" in all products, we have won many fan base with collective products for rich lineup · IP deployment and high quality high target. Many brands including the die cast toy series "Super Alloy" boasting over 40 years of history, the standard action figure series "SHFiguarts", the ultimate finished product series "METAL BUILD" composed of arranger design by creators and die cast material We are expanding our markets to Japan, as well as to the world. From 2018, membership system that gives miles by check-in to the official showroom "TAMASHII NATIONS AKIBA showroom" and the official showroom "TAMASHII NATIONS Showroom" in the official TAMASHII NATIONS official internet shop "Soul web shop" and offering various offers from premium BANDAI Service "CLUB TAMASHII MEMBERS" is starting.
*Source google translated:

Currently the Banpresto is under BANDAI SPIRITS as well.

So there will still be Red Bandai logo around on normal kids product and other toy line and just the blue logo would be on higher end market product. :)

Hope that clarify the BANDAI Blue logo that it was not print error nor some piracy or bootleg

In another news Bandai Namco acquired  Bluefin


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