LEGO MOC SOREN by ZephyrChaos

Soren Not a Starwars story but this is actually the name for this custom mecha built by ZephyrChaos.

The first time I layed my eyes on this mecha built it is hard to make out from a far this was done by LEGO parts. The body are so humanoid with streamline design.

Even the back look like more of a Model kit like Gunpla but was actually LEGO parts!

To be a mecha, the cockpit was designed and built as well. Very well hidden!

I told the creator that this mecha remind me of the Egypt dog statue, Anubis and he replied that it was built with that in mind!

Beside look cool, it's articulation is amazing as well!

As a sword man, Soren is an amazing Saber Mecha!!

You can see more detail resolution on  ZephyrChaos flickr account here!


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