LEGO MOC Niffler from Fantastic Beasts by LEGO7

If you have watched The "Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them" movie related to Harry Potter's world, one of the magicial creature that have some lasting impression would be one of the creature that ran away to steal or get some glittering Gold.

That creature is known as Niffler

Nifflers which look like a platypus in real life. However this creature unlike Platypus had a very big pouch on their bellies. They use that not to store food but any object that are sparkly.

This Niffler can stand well by itself with parts that himself.

LEGO7 even built box for him to lay down.

The scale of this built is close to 1:1 of the magical creature! LEGO7 with his know-how bring this magical creature to life.

You can view more on LEGO7 creation of this creature over at his Flickr account


Unknown said…
Dear Somewhere out there please where can I buy some of the Lego animals I love all them but there is no place to purchase some you have all the photos of them l mean all the Lego mechanical animals please someone come back with a answer for me to buy otherwise why show them then does not make sense
Kind regards
I wait to hear from you PS do you have a catalogue for sale with prices ??

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