Interview with LEGO Voltron maker Lendy Tayag

We have the opportunity to meet up the creator of 21311 LEGO Ideas LEGO Voltron, Lendy Tayag as he was in Singapore to do signing on his LEGO release this weekend. So we decided to have a short interview with him on his creation Voltron.

Originally a Gunpla hobby maker, he was only introduced to LEGO by his brother in 2014. He soon experiments with LEGO building and shortly 2 years and came out a workable design for Voltron.

When he was submitted his Idea to LEGO Ideas, it get 10,000 support in just 3 weeks!

Lendy Tayag from Philippine is member of the Philippine LEGO Users Group/PhLUG and here is a short interview I have with him.

Interview started

The official set made up of 2,321-pieces, what was your original Ideas design in pieces?
My submission idea built was a bit lesser around 2,090 pieces.

You started out the Black Lion. How long does that take you? 
I started out the head of the black lion first as I always felt the most important is to get the head right. Believe it or not, I was stuck at the black lion head part for a year as I was also busy with other projects.  Only in march 2016 I am done with the head and from then go it went full speed naturally. 

Can you name parts of your original version of Voltron that you really like?
I like the chest which has the crown and the cross. You wouldn't expect the repair car tyre tool can look good as a cross and I was surprised it look good. The other part I like are the lion head that look like lions. Lol

* Close up on the Chest

What do you like about the official version?
First is LEGO improve the stability while it was standing which is very important. The chest is a lot wider. My version is a thinner version and the official release look more buff. 

In your honest opinion, do you like the official design or your original design?
I like the officially release version better as it is more stable.

Was there any surprises of the final release?
There are some parts of the lion especially the legs part change to improve the stability as LEGO really think about display and they even done  test on different design to see how well it can stand.

The retail of this Voltron is about US $179.99, is this what you expected it to be on that pricing?
I was expecting to be more higher as the Lego parts that I ordered to build my Voltron was way higher than that.

Any advise or tips to the future LEGO Idea creator?
My sincere advise is to submit your idea because you are passionate and are something that you really like. In this way you will enjoy the process. There are also other good design submission that didn't get selected as well. So do your creation and don't think about the result of your submission.
* Lendy Tayag a friendly devoted Voltron fan

Last question to you. Your Voltron is huge, do you have a smaller version and more cheaper version?
Here is a smaller version that I created for desk display on my own...

Can these combine as well?

These can be Polypacked LEGO!! Can I have this set please? 
Sorry, there are my own creation and not for sale. :)
Interview End

You can follow Lendy creation on his facebook

For those who may missed him, he will be coming to STGCC 2018 at LEGO ZONE at certain timing where you can meet him in person and get your LEGO Voltron signed! More of STGCC news later!


Awesome exclusive interview and your miniature version looks more than decent too! As always your blog is inspiring full of new contents.

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