Hot Toys PS4 1/6 Spider-man Advanced Suit Coming

From the game developer Incomniac, a new Spider-man game is to release on PS4 next month.
Hot toys has preview the 1/6 figure for this Spider-man on PS4.

Although the game is to releasing in September 2019 (next month), the game has already gone gold on PlayStation 4.

One of the thing they did it right I feel was this Signature suit which is new and good looking. Hot Toys had manage to replicate that to an actual toy.

With the articulated joints, the suit and figure look really amazing!

It has web for swinging...

And you can get to see the detail of his shoes!

Not forgetting you can post him like his actual character of crawling!

Here are all the accessories and parts that come with the figure. There's even a cute 3D ultimate looking Spider-man too!

I have a feeling this could be one of the iconic suit and game of all times.

This figure will only release in Q2/Q3 in 2019 tho.

These are the preview of the figure and no actual pricing was given as of now.

More detail later!


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