Bandai DX Chogokin 1/48 Macross VF-1J Coming

For Macross fan, Bandai has preview their Macross classic VF-1J in their DX chogokin line. However this is a bigger scale as 1/48 with more details!

Fighter plane mode is on the spot of the design and color for 1/48 scale!

You can see more details due to the scale!

The cockpit comes with full colored Rick Hunter as a pilot.

The walker mode is simply amazing.

Finally the full mecha mode with the rifle placed on his right arm. Look at the full color and details!

It come with 2 rifles for various mode.

The most improved details are the fingers fully articulated!

With that you can pose as holding the rifle....

Also various articulated joints make this toys fun and poseable!

Here is a video on youtube about the product

This is schedule to release in December 2018 at 18,000 Yen

Save your money for this Macross fan!


The preorder like all full before I even realized. Hopefully it’s not another released with another impending version two. Here we go again : )

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