MAFEX John Wick 1/12 Coming

MEDICOM Toy has just preview John Wick as a figure under MAFEX. This is a 1/12 which is 6" figure and it look amazing!

So this figure is actually around 6 inches about 15.5cm and the likeness of Keanu Reeves is amazing!

This figure come with 2 head with a neatly comb hair and a battle scared face.

As John Wick is well versed in fire arms, there are 2 pistols and 2 semi automatic rifles.

With that you can pose John wick whatever you want.

With the figure look and pose, it really like sliver screen jump out to live!

This figure is schedule to release in January 2019 at ¥7800 Yen and it look so cool! Who still need a reason to buy this toy?

Okay better start planning!


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