STGCC 2017 Starwars Experience the Force

Here is a run down of the area of Starwars Experience the Force at STGCC 2017

Now this is a sub section of the event area only allow if you purchase the "All Access" and to fully enjoy the session you got to get your camera in your phone ready for phototaking.

First there is Kylo Ren spaceship for you to take photo with. It's quite huge.

Then there was Rey's transport from The Force Awaken. Rey may appear now and then but the vehicle can sit on to take photo. You need to queue up for that tho.

Next a section of the Millennium Falcon which allow ticket holder a chance to feel and take photo in it.

Here are some area which you can pose in. Cool!

More photo taking with the 501st legion and some donation to charity can be done in that section too!

There's also a huge display of the Starwars figures thru the years contribute by the fans.

There is also a showcase of the final stage of The New Hope.

Some of the event exclusvies in SDCC for Starwars are on sales in the section.

Beside toys, there are other Starwars rare lifestyle stuff on sale as well for the true fan who want to be practical.

There's also a huge display of LEGO Starwars Disneyland Parade.

These are some of the stuff you can expect in the Experience the Force at STGCC 2017.

You can pop by tomorrow to check it out!

Enjoy and may the force be with you.


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