Starwars Experience The Force in Singapore has Began

It is a new month and the starting of Force Friday II and also Experience The Force is Singapore. That mean all the Last Jedi merchandise is officially release today! That being said, from today till 10 of September 2017, there will be Starwars related activity in Singapore Orchard Ion.

So here are some of things that are happening at ION Orchard for Starwars.

There are some indoor activity such as experiencing some VR with Meet with BB-8 where BB-8 appear infront of you and let you interact with it on 360 degree view. This is the first time it is in Asia and it is a free experience open to public.

For outdoor there are Padawan Training for kids age 7 to 12 years old. There are various session which you need to register 30 minutes before the class.

It would be a class for the active to practice how to fight with a lightsaber.

There are others outdoor Starwars stuff to take photo with. If you are lucky you will meet the 501st legion for you to take photo with.

Over at the shaw tower there is a 1:1 replicate of AT-ST walker!

There are 7 check points for you to scan some code to release some activities with your mobile phone.

Some of these would have some Starwars toys.

Sphere-O also have a booth there showcasing the new R2-D2 and BB-9 (in black). You can have some hands on in the booth. R2-D2 look and work really good!

There are other toys booth and interacting booth which I cannot take photo during that time. But you can head down to experience yourself. If you are lucky you can meet some of the character there and take photo with them!

And if you are really lucky, you will meet the Luke Skywalker! Take a photo of him and let the Empire know and you will be reward handsomely. Hehehe.

So head down to Orchard Road today before the event end!

May the force be with you Singapore. Always...


First time seeing Shore Patrol trooper cosplay here... Sorry I couldn't join you the other day.

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