This is the Starwars The Last Jedi hugest playset to date and it is  BB-8 with sound and light but can convert into a play set stage for the Empire base location.

I happened to saw it on display and it is indeed huge! The box comes with illustration of the characters in motion in the playset.

This playset would come with BB-8 front view that can activate to have sound and light. The activation is from the Force Link wearable technology that comes with the playset.

Here is photo of the actual BB-8 in close up.

In order to play or display the playset, you can open up BB-8.

On opening up, you get to see the 4 levels of Empire base. Top will be throne room, the  Lightspeed Tracking Room at third level, Trash Compactor with canon that shot out projectiles and the base is the Detention Block.

Here are the real figure on display at Force Friday.

With the set will comes with 2 3.75-inch-scale figures which is Elite Praetorian Guard.

And the Supreme leader Snoke.

During that display the Detention Block they put in a young Han solo which is not in the movie of The Jedi Last tho.... Who's knows. Maybe spoilers?

Anyway this set require together with the force link wearable are batteries of the following Detention Block 3 x AA 1.5V and 3x AAA 1.5V Alkaline batteries which are not included in this set.

The whole set is current on sale at SGD $369.99 in Singapore.


That's what I call evil inside cutie or should I say evil in disguise! Death Star within BB-8... Lolz

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