Meishou Marvel Manga Realization Samurai Captain Amercia

Tamashii Nation has reveal the coming Marvel character under Manga realization and it is none other than Captain America in Samurai form.

This figure is around 17.5cm tall and it look great with the samurai feel retaining his Red, White and Blue color theme.

The accessories for this Samurai form is 2 Katana swords and his Signature shield

Just like in the traditional Captain Amercia, the shield can be throw.

The big surprise is the Star on his chest can be taken out to use as a throwing star shuriken... Wait isn't that only Ninja do it and not the Samurai way? Hm...

This figure will be schedule to release in january 2018 for the retail price of 9,504 Yen.
Do you like this version of Captain Amercia?


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