Bandai Dragonball HG GIRLS Bulma & Android 18 Gashapon Coming

There are 2 girls from Dragonball which is made into HG class for capsule aka Gashapon toys coming December. They are none other than Bulma and Android 18.

Personally I find both look really good and they are around 12 cm in height!

For Bulma, it is her bunny suit that was in eariler Dragonball series. Not one look that I like tho but still many like bunny suit woman.

So if you like, get her.

My choice would very much be on Android 18 of course! As a figure in pose, her behavior rather unlike her character but rather a welcoming one.

She do look much younger in this version.

They will be out in Decemeber 2017 for each at 1,944 YEN! Only in Bandai Gashapon Department Store (online shop).. If I would see them near me I would get it.

So which one will you get?


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