Premiere Edition Leader Shadow Spark OPTIMUS PRIME

Remember last night? What I mean was do you remember there is another Transformers movie coming and it is call the Last Knight?

 Well before the movie is release, Hasbro is going to the tradition to release the premiere edition Leader class Optimus Prime and this is how it will look like.

The truck mode will need 20 steps to transform and it look the same as the last time he left earth in movie flying off to space.

As a Robot mode he will be in 9-inch as height and have two space weapons of shield and Sword.

Optimus Prime will come with some paint weathering effect purple eyes inspired by the movie. Well in the trailer he seems to be not like himself when returning back to Earth.

So if you cannot wait, you may want to get this premiere Optimus Prime. What do you think of this Optimus Prime??


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