31 December 2016

Year End post

It has been sometime I actually want to write about my thoughts here and since it is the end of the year, it seems sound to write a year end post.

Do note the following topic are not really in order but snap shot of my thoughts.

This site has been 8 years and it started out as blog about my toys review and collection then I start to share toy news on this site.

Toy news
If you are a regular reader, you may see that the toy I posts are generally diverse and selected what I like rather than how popular they are. On top of that I also restrict myself from resharing news and post more than once a day. I know some site did that but what is the value of that if you just cut and paste?  I started this site as a blogger and so I think I need to personalised what I like and share.

When I start blogging, I love to interact with readers and other bloggers. Over the years most bloggers move on while some collector grow old like me. I hope to have more interaction over here but most move to social media on Facebook. Yes I do have a Facebook page so we can chat there. While reviews of toys will still be here for reading.

I am not a regular Toy collector
I have not been posting toy review not because I did not buy any toy (although the rate that I bought are much much lesser than before) but I do not have time to Open the Toy to take photo and review. Plus most of the Toys are getting above an affordable level that I have budget for. You know everything went up but income still the same?? If I have spare income I may have spend on my kid and family. Plus I have limited space at home now over 10 years of toy collecting. Do remember most of my toys are OPENED so you can imagine I am stuck with how much of toys.

I did video do you know? 
Doing video take a lot of time but viewer of my video are so little. Here is my youtube channel for Toys. I am not profession video editor and I have problem getting good software and learning curve to make awesome video. Plus the licensing of music is a pain in the *ss. That really pissed me off.

When my blog is getting well received I have to make a decision between earning money or just sharing my hobby. For 8 years I did put some ads in this site some pay and some doesn't. For the start of the new year, I think I will cut off some of the ads as the last time when I place some ad plug in and it redirect some readers to some random site. If you experience that on this site, do let me know and I will remove such ads on my site.

Do I have thoughts of the coming year?
I am getting old and I am having second thoughts of continuing toy collecting and posting. But If I am to go on, I will be straight in some of the toy review and my thoughts of the toy news.

At this time I do not what to commit anything but I guess I will need to focus on some stuff and see how it goes. That does not mean Open the Toy is closing so don't worry.

Finally a Big Thank you for you guys who is reading this and special love to those who have been following this blog and on my facebook for all this while.

Have a Happy New year for 2017!

28 December 2016

New LEGO Starwars Released

Well here are some of the new LEGO release that should be in your shop location now.

Let's start with the latest MicroFighters series

Tie Striker Microfighter

The empire Krennic's Imperial Shuttle Microfighter

The Rebellion U-Wing Microfighter

And the  Y-Wing Microfighter

For the Troopers pack from Rogue One, Imperial Trooper Battle pack which will be selling like Hot cakes for obvious reason....

and the rebels which you can take your time to buy since it will be on the shelves for many ages to come Rebel Troopers

One of the highlight was the box set of the Duel in Naboo which you can re-create the scene of Darth Maul, Obiwan and Qui Gon Jinn

Another set would be Battle of Scarif from Rogue One

For Vehicle you have Yoda and R2D2 with Yoda's Jedi Starfighter. You didn't know Yoda is a pilot right? So do I.

From Starwars Rebel series the new Phantom which include Chopper!!

And quite big set Y-wing starfighter is back!

Lastly the new series of Starwars LEGO buildable figures. Yes Donnie Yen !

Well head to your LEGO stores now!

26 December 2016


If you are a Gundam fan who like Crossbone Gundam, get ready in Feburary of 2017 where another HG version will be released!

So here is the coming Crossbone Gundam in full view

Back view...

He comes with tons of accessories including various swords and saber

So take your pick to do pose with accessories that you like

With gun or Saber....

More sabers!!

And of course the full power saber cut!!

It will be priced at 2,160 Yen and will be out in February 2017. You can Pre-order now tho.

24 December 2016

Tomica Star Wars Car Kylo Ren SC-06

Guess who's the next Starwars Car I am going to review today?
Yes it's the grand son for Darth Vader, Kylo Ren!

I actually decide to pick this up duel to the vintage design of the car with the modern touch of Kylo Ren mask on the front. Wait there's more of other reason as I will share later in the review.

First the look of the vehicle was awesome as the finishing was in matte black and white border wheels.

The Mask on the front look fitting as it is like a hooded Kylo Ren.

On the side view, it give the automobile during the Mafia era.

At the back of the license plate spelled Kylo Ren.

One of the additional feature was the hood of the car can be removed.

A topless convertible which look much more better in my opinion.

Without hood the front look does not affect that much as the Mask on the front took most of the attention.

But on both side view, it look much more better in a classic way.

You can get to see the feature of the dashboard and the car seat.

One bonus feature and this is really a bonus, if you have a LEGO minifigure like Kylo Ren, it will take the playing to the next level.

You can actually put a minifigure in as standing in the vehicle. Kylo Ren going on parade!

If you remove the minifigure legs, you can fit the body like it is riding in the vehicle.

This look awesome right? Kylo Ren having it own car!!!

I do hope in the feature episode of Starwars that this character will be better and not so weak as in episode 7.

Do you like Kylo Ren's car??

23 December 2016

figma Snow Miku Return for 2017

We are so close to Christmas and news of Figma release another Snow Miku is out.
This time she is in blue and all cover up!

This version she is in her fluffy coat and ribbon with blue ribbon.

She do comes with glove hands to change.

Switching her expression from cheerful singing, embarrassed expression and a surprised expression.

Additional accessories include a microphone with stand as well as a shovel perfect for the snowy season.

Unfortunately they will only release this in July 2017 at 5500 yen. So much for the Christmas mood eh?

22 December 2016

ENSKY Kirby`s Dream Land Soft Vinyl Collection

There's not much toys of Kirby around in the market for a Nintendo game character that has been around for 2 decades or more. Kirby a awesome character with a ability to take on the power of any enemy by sucking them into it.

Well if you are a fan of Kirby, get ready in Feburary 2017 to get this awesome soft vinyl figure from Ensky.

Each come separately with height of 80mm for the price of 800 Yen each.

There are total of 4 of them for you to choose from.

Which on is your favourite or will you get them all?

19 December 2016

Takara Tomy Metacolle Metal Figure Hello Kitty

Today my review is the first Takara Tomy Hello kitty in diecast figure series. So say Hello to kitty

These come two version of Hello Kitty of sitting down in blue and standing up with an apple in red. Apparently they name them in their color and not by their position.

At the back of the boxes you can see the license of Sanrio.

Okay let's Open the Toy!!

Small as it can be, this figure are heavy with the metal weight so for Diecast lover, this are totally worth it. It is HELLO KITTY somemore!

As the photo have shown both Kitty figure are flawless in color and smoothness.
You will also notice both of the head can be rotated. However on the side you can see the lines of both front and back joining together.

The reason for the join line is because both head and both wich is metal parts are holding together by screws. But hey it's metal. You think glue will help?

At the bottom of them are the license of Sanrio and both are made in China. :)

The funny thing that I notice was that in both standing and sitting the height don't seems to have much height difference.... It is either it has short leg or big butt. LOL

Anyway these are still cool figure as it is diecast metal and it's Hello Kitty! Perfect gift with heavy weight for Christmas right?

Who don't love Hello Kitty? ;)

17 December 2016

Tomica Star Wars Car BB-8 SC-09

Time to review some Starwars stuff since every #GoRogue now. LOL

Today I am going to do a review on Tomica Star Cars series. A special cute car of BB-8 in Starwars!

The box show case what was suppose to be inside of both front and back view of the BB-8 vehicles. Look cute and there are die cast parts in this series of course. This is the 9 cars if Star Cars series and thus given SC-09.

Time to Open the Toy!

Out of the box, the look of the vehicle is as how the box illustrated no doubt. The front you have both sensors as eye and the hood was see through with a single window swiper.

However the one that I have chosen happen to have some paint defect as you can see on the side some orange and black stain. I guess it was just my luck....:(

The side view was good showing the wheel on the front on each side.

At the back you can see the Athena and a spare tyre covering with BB-8 desgin theme. Even the license plate spelled out it's name!

Turned the car over and you will see the 3 wheels of this BB-8 car and this was made in Vietnam.

From the top, you can see there are actually BB-8 design even on the clear top.

Overall this is a cute car and it is fitting of being a BB-8 designed concept car. I cannot imagine if this is in real life.

If you like BB-8 and car, this is one concept model car to have. Just be sure if you can make sure the painting are alright.  As for me that doesn't really brother me. It give it some character. LOL

Go Rogue!!

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