S.H.Figuarts WWE The Rock Coming

Can you smell what is Bandai S.H.Figuarts is cooking?

To be honest, I have never seen this one coming but Bandai is releasing 2 WWE figures and one of them is The Rock, Dwayne Johnson! This is him in the 90s which is the younger and slimmer.

The figure comes with his signature raising of one eye brown and accurate tattoos of him during that era.

The Rock did many wise guy speeches and this figure comes with a microphone just for him to do that.

It also come with a sunglasses for The Rock to wear it and do some cool pose.

Overall this offer Wrestling fan another product like beside Mattel to have The Rock which is a more good looking and accurate one.

Another wrestler was Stone Cold Steve Austin to face off with the Rock.

Both of these are schedule to be release in December 2016 at retail price of 6,000 Yen each.


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