SDCC 2016 Starwars Hasbro Black series Exclusive

This year SDCC 2016, Hasbro is having 2 event exclusive of Starwars Black series figure.

Kylo Ren comes with his famous crossguard lightsaber, a removable mask, Darth Vader’s melted helmet, a First Order banner and stand.

The Kylo Ren toy runs for approximately $34.99

The Obi-wan has a good likeness of the original actor Alec Guinness which he himself do not fancy this role.

The Obi-Wan figure will comes with his lightsaber and Anakin Skywalker light saber which he will pass it to Luke skywalker, a table, and a holographic Princess Leia to recreate the scene from A New Hope.

In cases you cannot get this at SDCC, fear not as this will be on sell at It will be selling at Fan Expo Canada this September too.

This exclusive figure will be selling at approximately US$44.99.

May the Force be with you guys for SDCC 2016.


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