SDCC 2016 Kotobukiya Exclusive

On 20th of July would be SDCC and there will be many exclusive and here are some from Kotobukiya.

SDCC 2016 Limited Edition PVC Figure MARVEL Lady Deadpool - US$74.99 plus tax

Wanda Wilson would be attending San Diego Comic-Con as Lady Deadpool!

She comes fully prepared with her Comic-Con badge and lanyard, extra large bag to carry her swag and Gyro in hand as she would be hungry.

This SDCC exclusive edition features a brand-new head sculpt and accessories including Gyro, badge, lanyard and bag with the official Comic-Con logo on it.

 As an added bonus all purchases will also receive a second bag accessory with the Kotobukiya and logos on it. Parts from the previous Lady Deadpool Bishoujo statue are also interchangeable with this release so you can mix and match to create your own distinct look for US$74.99 plus tax.

SDCC Limited Edition DC Comics Bruce Wayne ARTFX+ Statue - US$49.99 plus tax.

The statue, which features Bruce Wayne as the billionare playboy, is 1:10 scale and includes two interchangeable accessories: a rose and a batarang, along with a magnetized base.

The figure will retail for $49.99.

SDCC Limited Edition DC Comics Clark Kent – Truth – ARTFX+ Statue - US$49.99 plus tax.

From the Action Comics storyline “Truth” Clark Kent has been stripped of his powers and exposed for who he really is amongst the citizens of Metropolis.

No longer the “Man of Steel” but now a “Man of the People” Clark begins the long journey to reclaim what was once was his and discover who he is in the process.

Sculpted by Naoya Muto, this limited edition Clark Kent ARTFX+ statue stands in 1:10 scale with an included magnetized base.

The price would be at US$49.99 plus tax.

DC Comics Batman Rubber Charm Set - US$27.99
Designed by renowned illustrator Sakurai and feature Batman, Robin, the Joker, and Harley Quinn – are making their debut at the convention. It will come with  a special cardboard holder only to found at SDCC.

All these will be available at Kotobukiya booth, #2601 during San Diego Comic-Con beginning 20th of July 2016 and it is an one-time production, while supplies last.


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