SDCC 2016 Bandai Starwars Sand Trooper Sergeant/Corporal

If you are a fan or collector for Meisho Movie Realization of Starwars, SDCC 2016 event will be on sale the Teppou Ashigaru Sandtrooper Special version!

It is special because it comes with a black pauldron design. That right pauldron in black is more like a Sergeant rank while the regular white is Corporal.

The Sandtrooper Special Version comes with two gun powder type rifles and a katana sword .

You can pose him aiming while standing up...

Or squatting down

The set includes 6 interchangeable hands, 1 slim and 1 bulkier blaster rifles, Katana sword and a backpack, and interchangeable white pauldron or black.

It will be on sale at the event for US $89.99.


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